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Trend Micro TxOne – OT Security technical workshop

Das Webinar findet in Englisch statt.

TXOne Networks provides solutions for tackling security weaknesses prevalent across industrial environments. We offer customized technology that goes beyond traditional security tools to mitigate complex challenges. Given the ICS environments are layered and composed of a variety of equipment in different operating systems, TXOne Networks offers both network-based and endpoint-based products to secure the OT network and mission critical devices in a real-time defense-in-depth manner.

This technical workshop will give you an overview of our solution, deeper insight into the products and management console. With our specialist Elias Kickinger you will learn how to setup, how the policy management etc, works.

Product Focus on

  • EdgeIPS
  • EdgeFire
  • OT Defense Console


  • Overview TxOne Solution
  • Use Cases
  • OT Defense Console (Policy Deployment, Events, Visibility, setup EdgeFire or Edge IPS, Integration with Technologie Partners)
  • EdgeFire (Setup, Policies, Configuration, Segmentation, operating mode)
  • Edge IPS (Setup, Policies, Configuration)

Knowledge Prerequisites

  • Know How in IDS/IPS
  • Understanding of Virtual Patching
  • Overall IT Security understanding
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