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Open source protection that security teams will love

Thanks to open source, you can meet business demands to build and deploy applications quickly—that’s why it sometimes makes up nearly 80% of an application’s code. Unfortunately, open source code is not immune to vulnerabilities. Open source code with security bugs, or even intentional malware, can be unknowingly pasted into your apps and infrastructure and lead to costly data breaches. Hackers can also track open source vulnerabilities on the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) and have their pick.

But not to worry, thanks to Trend Micro and Snyk, you can continue to use open source code without interruption to your workflow.

Not familiar with Snyk? The most important things to know are that it provides developer-friendly security and is a leader in open source vulnerability management for cloud builders.

By linking up with Snyk, Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Open Source Security by Snyk is able to easily connect source code repositories and build pipelines that automatically inventory open source dependencies. Our latest solution also leverages Snyk’s top-tier threat intelligence database to provide detailed vulnerability information to security teams. Now, developers and security teams can all be one happy family.

Trend Micro Cloud One brings together the full security picture, from developer source code, all the way to production—an industry first. We partnered with Snyk so we can enable developers to continue building as quickly as possible while equipping security teams with the necessary tools to manage and mitigate risk.

To find out more about the newest addition to our cloud security platform, click here.


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