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Operational Technology Security – The Solution for your Healthcare Processes

OT stands for Operational Technology. This refers to both hardware and software that control and monitor physical devices. The video explains in a simple way how equipment in healthcare is attacked and how you can protect yourself against it with OT security solutions.

OT security deals with the protection of devices and networks in OT environments. It includes technologies, organisational measures and processes to monitor and protect the availability and integrity of the systems. Its central goal is to ensure trouble-free operation. In detail, OT security means something different for everyone – depending on the position they occupy. A facility operator (asset owner) has a different perspective and different priorities than an integrator or a component manufacturer (product supplier). Therefore, OT security concepts must always be individually coordinated.

While all trusts have some measure of inbound antivirus and malware protection, many still fail to prevent leaks through endpoints. Securing web-based applications, virtual environments, and sensitive data adds to the challenge. We can help secure your world with a range of solutions that:

  • Ensure compliance
  • Provide authorised access to key data
  • Prevent data leaks
  • Assess existing data vulnerabilities on the network
  • Evolve and enforce data security policies

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