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Security Resources Now on AWS CloudFormation Templates

AWS CloudFormation allows customers to automate and scale cloud native infrastructure deployments using AWS services. For these services, as part of the AWS Shared Responsibility model, the customer and AWS are both responsible for security and compliance.

For the customer’s part, it has taken time and effort to connect and add security controls beyond what is built into the infrastructure. Customers have needed to understand a lot of details about the implementation of security technologies to automate them, which is less scalable.

Trend Micro, an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Technology Partner strives to make all of our security tools work as seamlessly as possible with cloud native infrastructure. However, nothing can quite work as seamlessly as having the resources available to deploy in the same way as the infrastructure itself.

AWS has responded to this customer request by offering partner CloudFormation Resource Types directly from the AWS Management Console. We are proud to collaborate with CloudFormation and offer Trend Micro Cloud One services directly from CloudFormation with the same tooling and repeatability, including detecting any changes or drift in that resource after deployment.

Now customers can express their intent to deploy a security capability as a resource in the same way they express their intent to deploy an AWS resource. CloudFormation now handles the details of automating that implementation, reducing the knowledge needed about the underlying mechanisms to automate that resource deployment.

Today with the launch, Trend Micro Cloud One Container Security is available as a CloudFormation resource type. Cloud One – Network Security, Workload Security, Conformity, and File Storage Security as CloudFormation Resource Types will be coming soon.

Trend Micro Cloud One – Container Security resource type in AWS Management Console.
Trend Micro Cloud One – Container Security resource type in AWS Management Console.

Each service is great for customers to easily connect new AWS resources into their Cloud One account directly from the AWS Management Console. For example, Cloud One – Container Security would be deployed to simplify your visibility of containers running in AWS, rather than manually connecting the accounts.

This integration enables joint customers to deploy all related security technologies as they add new AWS resources in a simple, automated way all in one place.

We are excited about this move by AWS, and our opportunity to reduce friction for customers to adopt and deploy our solutions the same way they deploy their AWS resources. Customers can now save time and energy by natively deploying security resources into IaC the same way as the rest of your cloud native infrastructure.

Try Trend Micro Cloud One today and Learn more about how it simplifies deployment and procurement with AWS Marketplace.


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