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Weltweite Ransomware-Attacke – Update

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Earlier this year, two separate security risks were brought to light: CVE-2017-0144, a vulnerability in the SMB Server that could allow remote code execution that was fixed in March, and WannaCry/Wcry, a relatively new ransomware family that spread via Dropbox URLs in late April. These two threats have now been combined, resulting in one of the most serious ransomware attacks to hit users across the globe.

The ransom note demanded a payment of US$ 300 be made in Bitcoin; note that this ransom demand is already lower than the amount asked for in the earlier attacks. Aside from the initial attacks in the United Kingdom, other countries were also affected in large numbers.

Trend Micro detects the variants used in this attack as RANSOM_WANA.A and RANSOM_WCRY.I. Customers are already protected against this threat through Predictive Machine Learning and other relevant ransomware protection features found in Trend Micro XGen™ security.

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