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Security Predictions 2021

The seismic events of 2020 have created long lasting changes in work environments across the glove and opened up new avenues that cybercriminals can abuse.

  • IT teams need to secure entire remote workforces
  • VPN vulnerabilities could drive remote attacks
  • Malicious actors will hop from one remote worker’s machine to another until they find a suitable target
  • Data-stealing attacks against employees who remotely access confidential and critical information
  • Access-as-a-service as a lucrative business model for criminals looking to sell access to hacked home routers and converged IT/OT networks

Cybersecurity will help enterprises, governments, and ordinary users adapt safely to these new conditions in 2021. Richard Werner, Business Consultant, Trend Micro will give you answers to the following topics on Thursday, 14th of January, 16h00 – 16h30.

  • What will the major security issues of 2021 be?
  • What at-Home Workers need to know?
  • What Enterprises need to know?
  • What Governments need to know?
  • Future cybersecurity solutions

Will you be there? We look forward to your participation.




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