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Swiss Cyber Security Days 2021

Like no other national event, the Swiss Cyber Security Days connect Swiss leaders and thinkers with their international peers and bridge the knowledge gap between technology and humanity for current and future solutions in cyber security.

Trend Micro is joining the event as a Silver Sponsor. Our speaker David Sancho, Senior Threat Researcher had a speech about: IoT botnets are becoming very popular among criminals. End-users never clean up (or even log into) their own routers and the criminals have found ways to make money off of those infections. The addition of P2P capabilities to these botnets brings scary possibilities to these criminal tools: they can now become impossible to deal with from the outside. They just cannot be taken down. These threats will need to be dealt with by cleaning up the routers one by one. This is just not feasible; therefore, we have uncleanable and unkillable criminal tools that will stay with us for as long as the criminals keep making money from them. This is a forward-looking view to what’s coming in the IoT malware field. Currently, criminal business models focus from the compromised device OUT, but given our current Working-from-Home reality what happens when these uncleanable unkillable botnets focus their attention IN, instead? Is our industry prepared for an overnight shift to your router or other home IOT devices being effectively a “Criminal Home Hub”?





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